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Meet The Team

Our highly experienced dedicated team takes time to listen and learn about your cleaning needs.
Our expertise, care, technology, and insight create amazing work environments, helping our customers be exceptional every day.

Keith Holdsworth

Managing Director


Keith is responsible for the performance of the company and guide employees to deliver results with a combination of integrity, humility and people engagement skills. Oversees all operations within the business. Set standards and lead by example in the management of QMS

Darren Holdsworth

Operations Manager


Darren maintains a level of knowledge and competency in relation to management and responsibilities including appropriate qualifications and professional accreditations. Liaise with contract manager and cleaning supervisors; client meetings; feedback and performance assessment; day-to-day contract management; staff training supervision. Participate as requested in company H&S Audit and inspections. Advise on the assessment of sub-contractors. Assist in the preparation and implementation of staff training courses and deliver relevant in-house training where required.


Business Development and Contract Manager


Jackie promotes productivity of cleanliness and improves mutual relationships with staff and clients and maintain quality assurance standard and manage in an effective manner, to provide benefits in terms of business strategies and procedures.


Office Manager


Nicole ensures the smooth running of head office on a day-to-day basis and manage administrative support staff. Excellent communication skills and an active interest in the company’s well-being